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What we do, and what you do


We will forward a Questionnaire/Check List at the end of the financial year to ensure we collect all the relevant information to complete your Annual Financial Statements. Please also note that if your business is the subject of an income tax audit, the Questionnaire/Check List will be reviewed by the Inland Revenue Department.

The basis upon which we undertake this work is as follows

Our procedures will not include an audit or verification of all matters, and we will not be expressing any assurances.


Financial statements will be compiled from information provided by you, for which you are responsible and which should be accurate and complete.


Your financial statements will be prepared in accordance with the Service Engagement Standard No 2 for Compilation of Financial Statements Standards issued by the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants, and will include the following or similar compilation report and disclaimer.


On the basis of information provided by you, we will compile the financial statements and supporting schedules of your entity, for the year. These will be produced in the format best suited to your entity and may not be in accordance with New Zealand Generally Accepted Accounting Practice, and the Financial Reporting Act 1993, and the Financial Reporting Order 1994.

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