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What we do, and what you do

We will endeavour to reconcile your GST returns and wage records to your financial statements, and advise you of any apparent discrepancies.

If you trade as a company it is your responsibility to comply with all aspects of the Companies Act 1993. We will maintain your Minute Book and file your annual return with the Companies Office for an annual fee of $60 plus GST.

There may be times when we need to consult with a tax specialist for an opinion. In this event, we will discuss the matter fully with you, our liability is limited to the work we undertake, and we are not responsible for any consequences arising from acting on the specialist's advice.

Our fees will be based on an agreed fee, except for "special work" which will be undertaken at an agreed hourly rate

Any agreed fee will be on the basis of receiving your records in an acceptable state (which we will discuss and agree with you). It will also be based on receiving answers to queries in a timely manner.

If the state of your records differs from the agreed state we will discuss any extra fee that might be incurred before doing the work.

Agreed fees will be exclusive of GST and disbursements unless otherwise agreed.

Fees can be paid in two ways,
i) invoiced monthly for work undertaken, or on an interim basis for work in progress, or
ii) an agreed annual fee split into 12 equal monthly payments (paid by automatic payment), with extra work being invoiced and paid separately as agreed.

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